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5 Essential Things to Know About the Towing Capacity of Your Car

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If you use your car to drive to work and back home, then chances are good you have no idea what the towing capacity of your car is. Towing capacity usually is not one of the factors that determines whether to get the car. Yet it is important if you are planning on pulling something with your vehicle be it a boat or another car then knowing the towing capacity of your car is a must. Some drivers just ignore it and immediately assume that it’s okay to pull whatever they want. Being aware of the towing capacity is a safety issue and if you want to avoid road accidents then we have some valuable information for you.

#1 What is towing capacity in the first place?

This may sound obvious but the first essential thing to know about the towing capacity is what it entails. In simple terms, towing capacity is the maximum weight that your car is allowed to pull. The capacity is determined considering relation of your car’s and the given object’s weight. Following towing capacity will ensure that your engine is able to pull that weight without causing safety issues.

#2 How can you figure it out?

It is good to know the term and the definition but how can you find out what the towing capacity of your car is? The easiest way is to look at the car’s manual. If for some reason you didn’t keep it or can’t find it then the label on the driver’s door should have it. In case you can’t find it there either, you can check the official webpage of your car.

#3 What is the law?

Besides the towing capacity of your car, you should also consider the laws regarding towing. If you are traveling from state to state, make sure that you check the towing regulations of all states. The laws determine how much you can pull, how you should tow and so on. A google search should be sufficient to obtain that information.

#4 Don’t drive without practice

It might sound easy but driving with an addition object connected to your car is not simple especially during parking and taking turns. Before getting on the road, be sure you got some practice and you have an understanding of the size.

#5 How to tow?

For the towing itself, you can either try to do it yourself by following instructions or take it to a professional. There are different methods and options for towing including a flatbed trailer, tow bar, tow dolly and so on. The towing type depends on what you are going to pull and how long the drive is going to be.

Towing is not a rocket science, but it definitely requires some attention and knowledge. For your safety, check the towing capacity of your car, obey the laws and get some practice before getting on the road.

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