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How to Install a Tow Bar on Your Car

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Camping, skiing, beach picnic, surfing. All of these sound fun, right? Of course they do. Such road trips with family and friends can be really fun but they require a lot of preparation and packing. While you can fit all you need in bags or suitcases there are some equipment that don’t fit in the car. So, sometimes you need additional space in your car. In these cases, tow bars come to your rescue and provide all the space that you need for your skis, surfing boards and so on.

You can install a tow bar to your car on your car with detailed instructions and guidelines. If you are preparing for your next trip and need a tow bar then keep reading because we will walk you through the steps of installing one on your car.

But first

Tow BarBefore we proceed to the actual steps, there are some safety guidelines that we need to talk about. There is no regular and universal tow capacity – it’s different for each model. Check the manual of your car to find out the towing capacity of your car and make sure that the weight that you are adding to your car doesn’t exceed that limit.

Driving a car with a tow installed can be difficult. Get some practice with it before you go on your trip to avoid any inconveniences or accidents.

How to install the tow bar

The first step as we already mentioned is checking the towing capacity of your car. To be even more sure, you can consult with your car dealer to confirm the limits.

Tow BarFor the second step you need to find a tow bar that fits your car. You need to take into account the design of the tow bar because it will determine what you can and cannot attach to your car. It is not just about the looks. While you are in the shop for the tow bar, get a tow mounting bracket and safety cables that will actually connect your vehicle to the attached object.

For step three you once again need your car manual. It will state where the mounting points of your back bumper are. Then drill small holes for the tow bar and secure the brackets to your car. Having a friend help is a good idea because when you are securing one side of the towbar, you need someone to hold the other side.

For step four install pivot brackets that reach from the tow bar to the vehicle you want to attach. And then you can attach the the safety chains.

Always check if everything is steady and secure before you begin your trip. As much as you follow the instructions, there are still risks, so for your peace of mind do a check ride first.

Keep your car manual in hand during all the stages of installing a tow bar. It has the most reliable information and most importantly, it’s specific to your car.

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