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Ensuring alertness when driving is absolutely necessary for driving safety and avoiding situations that require roadside assistance. In this blog entry, the roadside assistance and driving safety experts here at Chicago Towing will detail the dangerous events that can occur when drivers are distracted.

Impact with Road Debris

With the constant flow of traffic, and many cars carrying objects, it’s guaranteed that eventually drivers will come upon debris on the road. Distracted drivers can easily run over debris – which can damage your car, or even cause an accident.

Fallen Off Wheels

A common cause of car accidents are vehicle wheels that fall off cars and damage other vehicles around the road. Alert drivers can recognize these passing wheels in real time and drive away from them, avoiding accidents. Loose wheels on roads can move in any direction, meaning that they must be avoided at all costs.

Driving Off the Road

Distracted drivers can easily drive off the road with just a momentary lapse in attention. By staying alert, you can make sharp turns when needed, and not accidentally space out and drive off the road. It’s essential to maintain full awareness to adjust to all sudden turns and stay on the road – this is especially true when you’re traveling on that particular route for the first time.

Overheating Vehicles

Safe and aware driving includes paying attention to your car’s safety signals on it’s panel. If you miss a safety alert, your car can wind up damaged, or even broken down. A common form of dashboard warning related to accidents is automotive auto heating. If you’re signaled that your car is overheating, stop the car, check the radiator’s water levels – refill it if necessary – and then you’re good to go! Overlooked overheating can render your car inoperable, and leave you stranded on the road, in need of automotive assistance service.

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