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Heavy Equipment Hauling

Trust the transfer of your Heavy Equipment Hauling to the best and most reliable service. Towing Fresno CA guarantees the safety of your products. Our experienced and professional drivers, drive the best vehicles.They will make sure your equipment gets delivered to the requested location on time and safely.

Towing Fresno CA specializes in heavy equipment howling. We recruited only professional and certified drivers, over the years. Hence, we can assure you that with us, you will receive only high-quality services.


Moreover, it is not just about our drivers but all the support that they have. We have a separate team comprised of specialists who can properly coordinate the drivers. At Towing Fresno CA, we do careful research to find out everything about the roads, alternative roads, current traffic. And we identify the best way to deliver your heavy equipment. The communication between our coordinator and driver guarantees that nothing is lost or stuck in traffic. Also, We still work to develop our chain of communication and develop new and more effective methods of delivery.

Our ATS tractors and trailers are new and they go through inspection regularly. We take care of our vehicles because the proper delivery of your products depends on them. Of course, the tractors and trailers do not get back to road until we are 100% sure that they work properly.

Towing Fresno CA has the specialized staff and necessary equipment to be your go to option for the Heavy Equipment Hauling. No doubt, the distance is not a problem. Give us a call, tell us your problem and we will take care of your vehicle in a professional manner. Towing Fresno CA is waiting for your call.

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