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A client in need of a heavy tow company called on Tim’s Towing and Recovery to save the day. The man was the proud owner of a 33,000 lb, 43’ long boat. As with any vehicle, the boat would sometimes need repairs. On this particular occasion, the boat repair shop agreed to pick up his boat in order for it to be repaired. Unfortunately, once the repairs were completed and the payment made, the repair shop owner refused to tow the boat back to the owner!

This left the boat owner scrambling to find a towing company that specialized in heavy towing. He knew that it would take a team with specialized training in order to successfully tow the boat without causing any damages to it. Thankfully after he conducted some research on the best heavy towing company in Savannah, he reached out to the team at Tim’s Towing and Recovery. Certified heavy tow operator, John Vaughn, was assigned to get the boat back to the owner. With a boat as large as this one (14’ wide), special protocols must be followed prior to towing it. The office staff at Tim’s contacted the right departments and obtained the correct permits and routing information prior to sending John out to the boat.

Once at the boat repair shop, John made quick work of securing and hauling this mammoth of a boat with his Freightliner SD 120 tri axle truck! The boat was returned to the relieved owner so he could continue on with his aquatic adventures. Keep up the good work, John!


Details of Heavy Tow Company Called In To Tow Boat From Repair Shop

A client called the dispatch office at Tim’s Towing and Recovery looking for a heavy tow company’s services. The client had a 15’4″” tall 14′ wide and approximately 43′ long, 33,000 lb boat that needed to be moved from a boat repair shop. The heavy tow company first contacted city officials in order to obtain the correct permits and routing information prior to moving the boat.

Once the permits and routing information were secured, the heavy tow company dispatched a heavy towing operator to the boat repair shop. John Vaughn was the heavy tow operator assigned to pick up the boat from the boat repair shop. The heavy tow company arrived at the boat repair shop. The heavy tow company assessed the situation. The heavy tow company devised a plan to secure the boat to their Freightliner SD 120 tri axle truck safely and securely. The heavy tow company reversed the truck towards the boat.

The heavy tow company attached the 14 foot wide boat to their heavy towing truck. The heavy tow company secured the boat to the truck. The heavy tow company was satisfied with the security of the boat and deemed it ready to be hauled. The tow truck company hauled the boat back to the owner.


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