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Tim’s heavy towing team responded to a major accident on I-516 around 10:30 AM on February 11, 2021. Witnesses to the accident report seeing two cars stopped in the middle of the interstate by exit 5 in a serious case of road rage. Due to the two raging drivers blocking the road, the truck driver had to stop suddenly which caused the truck to jackknife and eventually overturn. 

Unfortunately, no one was able to note the license plates of the two drivers who caused the crash. The tractor trailer itself was an older model and not fitted with a dash cam so the police could not identify the drivers that way. Against all odds, no one was injured in this serious crash

The heavy towing team from Tim’s Towing & Recovery needed to act quickly as the truck was blocking both southbound lanes of the I-516. Debris from the crash also meant that the northbound lanes were completely closed as well! The tractor was lying on its side in a ditch so they carefully hooked onto the tractor and slowly pulled it upright. 

With the tractor upright, the towing operators were able to focus on a safe and secure way to tow the tractor trailer to a nearby repair shop. While the heavy towing team was focused on the logistics of the tow, Tim’s Road Accident Clean Up crew were busy removing all debris and spills from the interstate. By 12:15 PM, the accident site was cleared. 

Fantastic work out there team! This was not an easy recovery and you still got it done within an hour! Keep up the good work!


Details of Heavy Towing Team Responds to Accident Caused by Extreme Road Rage on I-516

The heavy towing team at Tim’s Towing & Recovery was dispatched to the scene of a major accident by Exit 5 on Interstate 516 at 10:30AM on February 11, 2021. The heavy towing team was dispatched from 2141 Gamble Road Savannah, GA, 31405 which was only 3.6 miles away from the accident site.

Tim’s heavy towing team arrived at the accident site within minutes. The heavy towing operators immediately assessed the situation. A tractor trailer hauling 5 vehicles had jackknifed and overturned causing all four lanes (northbound and southbound) to be closed. The tractor was lying on its side in a ditch.

The heavy towing team backed up their rotator towards the tractor trailer. They attached to two points of contact on the front of the trailer. They slowly began to winch out the tractor from the ditch. Once the trailer was uprighted and back on the interstate, the heavy towing team devised a plan to safely tow the wreckage from the interstate. Within one hour of being called to the scene of the accident, the heavy towing team managed to clear the accident. With the wreckage cleared and the debris removed from all four lanes, Savannah Police were able to reopen the interstate.


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