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It was a smelly day for Tim’s Heavy Towing Savannah team! A fully loaded garbage truck was making its way to a landfill when disaster struck. The garbage truck had moved over to the side of the road to leave space for another incoming truck. Unfortunately, the driver of the truck didn’t realize how close he was to the edge of the road!

Before he knew it, the truck had gone over the edge of a roadside ditch and completely TIPPED OVER! Thankfully, the driver was not hurt and managed to get out of the truck. He called Tim’s Towing and Recovery over to help upright the truck and get him back on the road.

The heavy towing team arrived on scene within 30 minutes of being called. They brought a 60-ton rotator as well as a 50-ton heavy wrecker to assist with the garbage truck recovery. Something tells us that once the team got a good whiff of those garbage juices leaking from the truck, they wished they brought nose plugs!

The heavy towing Savannah team used their powerful rotator to upright the garbage truck. With the rotator holding it in place, they then used their heavy wrecker to winch it out of the ditch and back onto the road.

The truck had surprisingly little visible damage considering it had just tipped over. That being said, it’s always better to be safe than sorry so the tow truck operators towed the truck to a nearby repair facility to get it looked over.

Great work out there team. You responded to the accident quickly and completed a flawless recovery! Keep up the amazing work … and don’t forget your nose plugs next time!

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Details of Heavy Towing Savannah Team Upright A Fully-Loaded Garbage Truck

A heavy towing Savannah team was dispatched to an accident that occured not far from Dean Forest Road and GA-307, Savannah, GA. The heavy towing Savannah team departed from Tim’s Towing & Recovery on 2141 Gamble Rd, Savannah, GA 31405, United States.

Once the heavy towing Savannah team arrived on site, they assessed the situation. They selected contact points on the garbage truck and set up their lines. With everything in place, the heavy towing Savannah team used their 60-ton rotator to upright the fully loaded garbage truck. 

When the truck was upright, the heavy towing Savannah team supported the rotator, ensuring that it wouldn’t tip over again. With the rotator holding the garbage truck upright, the heavy towing team hooked onto the truck with their 50-ton heavy wrecker. 

The heavy recovery team then began to slowly winch the garbage truck out of the ditch using the 50-ton rotator. With the truck out of the ditch and back onto the dirt road, the rotator team was able to remove their straps. 

The team used their 50 ton wrecker to tow the garbage truck to a nearby repair facility where it would undergo a thorough inspection to check for damage after the accident.


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