car towing fresno

Car Towing

We send your vehicle to the workshop at any time of the day.

hail damage fresno

Hail Damage

When a hail storm hits, avoiding the damage is nearly impossible. But repairing the hail damage is quick and easy with us.

flood insurance coverage

Flood Insurance Coverage

If your vehicle was affected by the recent floods call us.

accident insurance

Accident Insurance

Book in for car accident and damage repairs .

Fire Insurance

Car fires don't happen frequently, but when they do, they're a potentially deadly emergency

motorcycle towing fresno

Motorcycle Towing

We are a renowned motorcycle towing service fitted with fully enclosed custom carriers with state-of-the-art equipment and protected transportation technology

Towing Services We Offer

24 Hour Towing/Assistance
With our 24-hour towing service you can have your car towed any time of the day and taken back to the garage for repair services. In case your car or a car you are driving is disabled, contact All-Points Towing Recovery & Service Center at (559) 540-2404 for professional around the clock towing services. At All-Points Towing Recovery & Service Center, we boast well-maintained tow trucks, and highly trained and certified drivers who are committed to providing professional and courteous services to all our customers.

If your tire blows out, we are here to help you get back on the road. Please contact All-Points Towing Recovery & Service Center at (559) 540-2404 for professional roadside assistance.

Flat Tires
If you have a flat tire, we are more than happy to assist you. Please call All-Points Towing Recovery & Service Center at (559) 540-2404 for timely, professional assistance.

Fuel Delivery
If you’re stranded on the side of the road because you’ve run out of gas, All-Points Towing Recovery & Service Center is here to help! We’ll deliver fuel to you – just call us at (559) 540-2404

Jump Start Service
If your vehicle’s battery is dead, All-Points Towing Recovery & Service Center can help you. Please call us at (559) 540-2404, and our service professionals will come jump start your vehicle. The faster you call, the faster we can help you.

Lockout Service
All-Points Towing Recovery & Service Center provides professional roadside assistance, including lockout services. If you’ve locked your keys in your car, call us at (559) 540-2404 for timely assistance.

On Road Auto Battery Service/Sales
Experiencing issues with your battery? If you need a new battery immediately, we’ll come replace it for you on the spot. Call All-Points Towing Recovery & Service Center’s professionals today at (559) 540-2404.

Tire Changes
If you are experiencing tire trouble, we offer roadside tire changes. To request service from our professionals please call us at (559) 540-2404